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Let's Work Together.

You know your clients and what they need. Together We Can Fill Those Needs.

We think if you take a look at our service you’ll find we can provide your clients with the best solution for their Payroll, HR, and Time Tracking needs for an incredible price.

Working with us doesn’t just make sense for your clients — we appreciate your recommendation so much that we pay industry leading referral rates for as long as that client is with us.

All just for making the introduction.

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The Benefits of Working Together

Top Referral Fee

We'll keep your clients happy with a great product and we'll keep you happy with a new source of income.

Every quarter, we'll pay you a 20% Referral Fee for the life of the client.

Free Payroll

When your clients brag about our product, we'll make sure you don't get overcome with jealousy.

After you refer 5 clients, we'll make your life easier with FREE Payroll.

Save Money

Companies get a great, dynamic product for less than they're currently paying.

Save Time

Our employee system dramatically reduces data entry and redundant forms.

Employee Self-Onboarding

Create a positive first day at work for newly-hired employees with our helpful, online process.

Two-Step Payroll

Run payroll in two, simple steps. Anytime. And from anywhere.

Track PTO

Automatically manage paid time off so your workweek and your payday are never a surprise.

Advanced, Excel-Based Reports

Analyze your data with industry-leading, Pivot Table-Enabled Reports.

Automatic Tax-Filing

Stop worrying about tax mistakes. Employii files a company's taxes accurately and on time. Guaranteed.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp

Companies can spread their workers comp premium payments over the course of the year to better manage their finances.

Superior Service

By phone. By email. Or by online chat. However you want to contact us, our representatives are available when customers need help.

Our Dedicated, Knowledgeable Customer Success Representatives provided quick, stress-free help to customers.

Painless Account Setup

Your clients need a smart solution for Payroll, HR, and Time Tracking today, not in a couple of weeks. That's what we provide.

Employii does the heavy lifting with Simple, Same-Day Setup.

Payroll + More

Companies can amplify their business with simple, smart tools at No Extra Cost.

Employii provides all of our features to our customers for The Price Most Companies Pay For JUST Payroll Now.

Competitive Pricing

Do all the additional benefits sound great, but you think your client is already getting a good deal on payroll? Let us know.

Show us an invoice for a comparable service and we'll Match the Competitor's Price. It's that simple.

Amazing Reports

Access the information you need and display it in seconds with Employii's pre-built, Excel-based reports.

Employii provides Advanced Pivot Tables baked right into our reports, so you have unparalleled access to your client's information.

Take a sample report for a spin to see easy it is to access the information you need.

Standard Real Time Reporting

Take advantage of standard payroll reports, downloadable immediately after you run payroll.

Census Data Direct to CSV

Our census reports let you download general employee information — like name, start date, email address, DOB, and much more — straight to a CSV file for maximum flexibility.

You Sell Insurance, We Don't

Everybody has their strengths. Selling insurance is one of yours. We're happy with that. And we're going to keep it that way.

Employii is one of the only payroll providers that is Truly Insurance Neutral.

Amplify Your Offering

Make your clients love you even more than they already do by offering them additional value and services that compliment your core insurance offering.

When you bring Employii's Payroll, Time Tracking, and HR system to your clients, they'll appreciate what Employii does for them. And Your Clients Will Appreciate What YOU Do for Them Even More.