Product Tour: Employee Files

Managing, locating, and updating employee files is simple and automated with access to Employii’s secure, personalized storage space.

Forget about digging through outdated file cabinets for employee information — Employii allows you to securely access workforce data instantly from anywhere.

With our tools employees have access to the files they need, too. They can request time off, see how much time they have available, find out how much time off they've already taken, and more.

Not only do we automatically create, complete, and provide electronic signature methods for the most commonly used HR documents — like federal and state withholding, employment eligibility form I-9, PPACA notices, and more — but we make it easy to upload your own documents and collect electronic signatures for them as well.

Upload as many documents as you need — we provided unlimited document storage with your Employii account. Documents that Employii auto-generates are filed into personnel files automatically. Documents you upload can be uploaded right into the employee’s file for easy access and superb record keeping.

We automatically generate the most common documents.
Easy electronic signatures.
Documents automatically filed in the right places.

Employii Notes are the fastest way to record information about employees throughout the year. Just pick the employee and enter your note. Then we automatically store it securely in the relevant person's file.

Whether it's related to discipline, achievement, or you just need to remember a specific detail, Employii Notes are the simplest way to ensure your records are complete.

Easily record attendance problems, performance issues, record conversations, or anything else.
Develop a better “paper trail” for discipline and employment decisions.
Automatically record important information like the date and time and the manager who made note.

Set and adjust compensation in seconds — all in real time. It’s easy to set up multiple pay rates for the same employee or create multiple bank accounts for direct deposit.

Control over employee pay doesn't stop with the basics. Adding deductions, adjusting withholding elections, or establishing payroll schedules are quick, simple tasks.

Set and adjust employee compensation.
Adding and managing deductions is easy.
Change direct deposit information in seconds.

It's easy to see an employee's compensation history — including old pay rates and raises — across one or multiple job titles.