Product Tour: Onboarding

Make a great first impression on an employee’s first day with smart onboarding tools that save time and simplify the entire process.

There's never been a simpler way to handle the onboarding of newly-hired employees — deliver onboarding documents, notices, and tasks to new hires electronically.

We make completing tasks easy by giving helpful hints throughout the process. The experience for new employees is better and you spend less time answering questions.

Plus, new employees can finish mundane paperwork from the comfort of their own home before their first day, so when they walk in the door they're ready to get to work.

Paperless onboarding.
Over 80% less time spent onboarding each new hire.
Over 65% less data entry needed.

Employii automatically creates, completes, and provides electronic signature methods for the most commonly used HR documents — like federal and state withholding, employment eligibility form I-9, PPACA Notices, and more. Our tools are extendable to your own documents, as well. Upload your own documents and collect electronic signatures for them as well.

With unlimited document storage, you can upload as many documents as you need. Our intuitive tools will automatically file the documents our system auto-generates into personnel files and the documents you upload will be inserted into the correct employee’s file.

Automatic generation and filing of the most common documents.
Simply, hassle-free electronic signatures.
Documents automatically attached to personnel files.

Keeping your best employees begins before they walk through your door. Our onboarding tools for newly-hired employees give even the smallest companies the ability to make a great first impression with a simple, painless, paperless experience. No more overwhelming them with paperwork on their first day, we provide an organized onboarding process to all new hires.

Whatever you need to remember about your employees — whether it's related to discipline, achievement, or simple details — Employii Notes are the easiest way to make sure your records are complete.

25% of employees quit within their first year.
22% of employees make the decision to leave within the first 45 days.
77% of companies don't know whether their onboarding documents are complete or up to date.

We know how important independent contractors (1099s) have become to today's economy, so we give you tools that streamline the contractor onboarding process as well.

Collect W-9 information and payment information so you can pay them via direct deposit and more.