Product Tour: Overview

We make it easy to spend less time on HR + payroll and still get better results.

Run Faster

Thanks to our new approach to payroll, you can run payroll in two, simple steps and in less than two minutes.

Flexible Payout Reports

Get the information you need, when you need it, and in a format that works for you.

Tax Deposits and Filings

As a full service payroll provider, Employii takes care of all payroll tax payments and filings.

Unlimited Payroll Runs

Run payroll as many times per month as you need — it will never cost you extra.

New Hire Reporting

Don't worry about reporting new hires. Employii automatically sends new hire reporting information to the government.

Paper Checks and Direct Deposit Included

Your employees can enjoy the convenience of direct deposit into multiple accounts.

We'll even mail you paper checks. No printing and stuffing envelopes required.

Multiple Payroll Schedules

Do you need to pay different employees on different schedules? Easily set up as many schedules as you need at no additional cost.

Pre/Post Deductions

Employii makes it easy to add, delete, or update pre-tax and post-tax deductions.

Multiple Locations

We can support as many locations as you have workers. Add locations for no additional charge.

Contractor Payments

Pay your independent contractors the same way you pay the rest of your workforce.

Multiple Pay Rates

Easily pay different rates to the same employee depending on the type of work.

Bonus Payments

Bonus payments are simple with Employii and can be made at no extra cost to you.

Unlimited Off-Schedule Runs

There’s no additional cost to run payroll off schedule as many times as needed.

Expense Payments

Our employee system makes it simple to reimburse your workers' business-related expenses.

Time Off Tracking

It's easy for you and your employees to see time off balances — like how much sick or personal time they have used or they have upcoming. A calendar-based approach makes reviewing and approving requests a breeze.

Track Projects and Client Work

Employii is the simplest time tracking tool anywhere. Easily track time spent on projects for clients or on other billable work. Store billable rates and create teams. Track in real time or enter information at the end of the day.

Time Clocks

Our time clocks connect directly to our payroll system — we designed the entire system to work seamlessly together.

Entering, importing, and calling hours into payroll is a burden. We enter employee hours into payroll automatically — no math, no importing, and no effort.

We provide the time clock at no additional cost. And you can always take advantage of our web-based time clock at no additional charge.

Federal and State Posters

Employii provides regularly updated workplace compliance posters. You never have to pay extra or search the internet for the posters again.

Plus, with Employii, you always know the posters are current.

Employee Handbook

Is your handbook old? Do you even have one? It's easy to customize an up-to-date handbook in just a few minutes.

E-Personnel Files

Every time you add an employee we automatically create an electronic personnel file for them with all the payroll and HR documents automatically generated and stored securely for easy access and quick updating.

Onboarding Documents

Employii automatically generates the most common employee documents and notices required by federal and state governments for you. You can finally put paperwork in the past.

Form I-9 Compliance

Don't worry about reporting new hires. Employii automatically sends new hire reporting information to the government.

Support by Phone, Email, and Chat

Call or email us if you ever have any questions.


Receive automated email notifications that let you know when payroll is due, when it has been submitted successfully, when an employee requests time off, and more.

Admin Calendar

Immediately view which employees are taking time off and when they are doing so, when payroll is due, what day payday falls on, and a ton more from the convenience of a centralized, organized calendar.

Online Document Storage

Upload and store employee or company documents to your secure, accessible Employii account for free.

Employee Onboarding

Reduce the time you spend on onboarding new employees by more than 80% with our easy employee onboarding tools.

Employees can enter withholding elections, fill out direct deposit information, sign documents, and more with our paperless, online system.

Employee Self Service

You'll achieve more accurate employee records and spend less time on HR by letting our system create a personalized, secure webpage for every employee to access and update.

Employees will be able to:
+ Update personal info
+ Manage direct deposit accounts
+ Maintain withholding elections
+ Request time off
+ Enter time worked
+ Access the employee directory