Product Tour: Paid Time Off

From establishing and tracking to approving and rejecting, handling time off requests is simple with Employii’s smart, easy platform.

Employii allows your entire workforce to spend less time approving, entering, and tracking time off requests.

Our smart, tools let your employees request time off in seconds. It's easy for them to see how much time they have available and view how much they've already taken.

Managers and account admins are notified of a request immediately when an employee creates one. It’s simple to see what other time off requests are already approved for a given day so managers and admins have better information about staffing levels before they approve or deny a request.

Employii makes it easy to keep track of paid time off accrual. You can set up accruals a number of different ways and even customize accrual on an employee-by-employee basis.

With Employii, you can offer your employees any paid time off types you decide. It only takes a few seconds to set them up. You can view everyone's balance in the same place and add or delete time off types and amounts with a simple click. Everything is at your fingertips with Employii.