Product Tour: Payroll

We automate your payroll with unlimited access to fast, flexible tools that simplify your work and remove complications.

Say goodbye to payroll hassles and headaches and say hello to Employii's intelligent, intuitive payroll system.

Running payroll is easy with the Employii cloud-based app. Intuitive controls guide you through the process, analyze your data, provide details, display notifications and alerts, and more so your payroll runs are smooth and error-free.

Watch the video below to see how simple running payroll really is — with Employii.

First, confirm payments. Second, preview the details. The preview allows you to see the taxes, deductions, and cash amounts that you’ll need. If everything is okay, just click submit and we’ll handle the rest of the process.

Remember we automatically total and enter all the time cards into payroll after they are approved. Salaried employees are even easier — hours and earnings automatically appear every time.

Employii timely and accurately calculates, files, and deposits your payroll taxes. Plus, we handle all of the withholding, as well as quarterly and year end tax reporting.

Automatically calculate, file, and deposit federal, state, and local payroll taxes.
Automatically provide W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors.
Employees can easily access their pay stubs and administrators have every tax filing at their fingertips.

At Employii, we believe smart decisions are made when people have access to insightful, intuitive information. And we believe in providing our customers with all the information we can to help them make the best decisions possible.

That’s why we provide flexible, robust Excel Pivot Table-based payroll reports that are unmatched in the industry. With Employii’s reports, you can explore and analyze your data in seconds and display it immediately the way you need to see it.

And because we’re the fresh alternative to traditional Payroll, HR, and Time Tracking you’ve come to trust, we provide all of your reports Absolutely Free. It’s your data, not your payroll companies’, so why should you have to pay to access it? You don’t with us.

Drill Deep Into Your Details

All amounts on our reports can be used as a starting point to access more information.

Make Smart, Swift Decisions

Expedite management review of all your payroll-based transactions by quickly accessing and displaying your information in meaningful ways.

Manage Your Data, Improve the Picture

Simply drag and drop the data elements to create the report you need for the time period you want. With Employii’s reports, you can create your own report in minutes, not weeks or months.

Save Time with One Single File

Auditors have access to all of the data required to conduct their audit from one Excel template. Auditors can create custom reports as needed and reduce the time they spend in the payroll department.

Simplify Your Audits

Outside auditors can be given one Excel file with all of the information they need and access it in one place and in one consistent format.

Use Your History to Improve Your Future

With easy to use drop down filters, payroll staff can research past pays and use the information to make informed decisions and present them to employees and management.

We make it easy to access the information you need, when you need it. Our report builder allows you to view all of your payroll data from last paycheck or from just certain parts for the entire year. If you just want to see how much commission an employee was paid last month or how much social security and medicare tax was paid since January, it's quick and easy to find the data.

Employii gives you as much, or as little, control over deductions and earnings as you want. Our standard earnings and deductions types are enough for most businesses. Our smart, intuitive tools do most of the thinking for you, but if your business tracks unique earnings or requires exotic deductions, we make it easy to add them.

Pay and track bonuses, commissions, and expense reimbursements.
Simple plug and play pre-tax and post-tax deductions like health insurance and retirement plans.
Easily add custom deductions and earnings types in seconds.

Multiple locations, different payroll schedules, changing pay rates — we eat that stuff for breakfast.

Multiple addresses and states at no extra cost.
Set up as many payroll schedules as you need.
Support for employees with multiple pay rates or jobs.

We never charge extra. There are no limits on the number of payrolls you can run, quantity of new hire reports we will send for you, number of direct deposit accounts we allow your employees to set up, or other tasks.

Of course we handle the basics too — like live paychecks, direct deposit payments, off-schedule checks, and the rest of your standard payroll needs.

Unlimited payroll runs.
Automatic new hire reporting.
Direct deposit and live checks.