Product Tour: Self Service

With Employii’s secure, personalized webpages employees can access the information they need and update their basic details on their own.

Our secure, personalized webpages cut down the time your entire workforce spends on paperwork and data entry. The result is more accurate records and happier workers.

Employees use their secure, personalized webpages to:

  • + Request time off
  • + Track hours worked and billable time
  • + Review and sign documents
  • + Complete performance reviews
  • + Update withholding information
  • + Manage direct deposit information
  • + Maintain personal and emergency contact information
  • + View their salary history
  • + Download tax documents and pay stubs
  • + See what holidays the company observes
  • + Access the employee directory
  • + View company policies and more

Deliver onboarding documents, notices, and tasks to new hires electronically.

Employii makes completing tasks easy by giving helpful hints throughout the process. The new hire's experience is better and you spend less time answering questions.

Employees can even complete their onboarding tasks before their first day at work so you don’t have to greet them with paperwork on their first day at work.

Employees can request time off in seconds. And while they’re online they can easily check how much time they have available and how much they've already taken.

Employees can electronically sign documents that Employii creates automatically or custom documents that you upload and assign.

Documents are automatically filed to the employee's personnel file.

Give employees the ability to easily manage their own withholding and direct deposit information. Your administrator will save hours every month and you’ll have more accurate records.

Employees have simple, instant access to all of their pay stubs, whenever they need them. Viewing, printing, and downloading is as easy as logging in.

Giving your workforce access to important information about the company — like what holidays the company observes, contact information for other employees, and company policy documents like the employee handbook — improves employee engagement and reduces requests to your administrators.