Product Tour: Time Tracking

Our Employii time tracking system blends new technology with traditional methods to maintain secure, accurate records.

Employii gives you three ways to track the hours your employees work: the Web Clock, the Time Clock, and whatever system you are currently using. You can use one of them or you can use them in combination with each other.

The Web Clock and the Time Clock both seamlessly communicate with your payroll system. Approved hours are automatically totaled and entered into payroll for you.

The Web Clock

Our most popular time tracking tool is the Web Clock, it's a super simple way for hourly workers to clock in through their personal self service page. The Web Clock is also the easiest way to keep track of billable time, time spent on projects, or for salaried workers to track what they're doing throughout the day.

The Time Clock

Certain professional offices, warehouses, manufacturers, and other companies love our standalone Time Clocks. We provide the simplest time clock on the market. It communicates with payroll automatically — no imports, exports, or other time-wasting tasks — just smart, seamless simplicity. Every employee gets a four-digit, customizable PIN that they use to punch in and out.

Plus, with our built-in punch-fraud protection, you’ll always have an accurate record of who is really punching in or out. And, of course, our Time Clocks are totally free.

Your Current Time Tracking Method

If you love your current time clock or time keeping system, you can probably keep using it. Although it won't work seamlessly with our payroll system, you can still export a CSV file from your current time keeping system and then import it into Employii. Imported hours are automatically incorporated into payroll.

Our timer is designed to be fast. It's a ridiculously simple way for professionals doing billable work to track their time. Just add a description, select a project or client, and get started.

Our system allows users to set up teams, establish different billable rates, manage locations and report on all of it.

Unlimited projects and clients.
One click time tracking.
No training, your team is up and running in minutes.

Employii gives you total control over time cards. Hours worked for an entire pay period can be approved with one click. Need to make a correction to time cards? It's incredibly easy. Forgot to punch in or out? No problem — easily correct any issue in a matter of seconds.

Approved time cards are automatically totaled and transferred into payroll.

Using Employii's time tracking tools means you can put overtime calculations on autopilot. And, if you decide not to, entering overtime into payroll is a quick, simple task. Also, our system makes it simple to spot which employees are getting too close to overtime so you can make better scheduling decisions.